How To Create Repeat Watercolor Patterns - Skillshare Class

In my first Skillshare class, I am excited to teach you how to create repeat watercolor patterns in Adobe Illustrator!

Are you ready to take your watercolor skills to the next level and create seamless repeat patterns? In this class I’ll show you how you can use real watercolor elements to create three kinds of popular pattern repeats in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator combined with real watercolor paintings are a match made in heaven! The reason why is that using watercolors will help maintain a natural and beautiful texture that

can be hard to achieve in Adobe Illustrator using other methods. I’ll show you the techniques I use to maintain a really beautiful watercolor pattern while retaining all of the benefits that Adobe Illustrator offers!

What is covered in class?

• First we dive into inspiration and watercolor techniques specific for pattern design in Illustrator.

• Next I show you how to vectorize, re-color, and prepare your watercolor paintings to get them ready for pattern creation.

• Then it’s pattern time! I show you three popular repeat pattern types and how you can easily recreate them!

• Bonus! After creating and exporting your pattern files, you can then mock the patterns up in the free photoshop tote bag mockup I created specifically for this course!

Although I try to make every lesson easy enough for beginners, I would recommend having a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator before you begin.

Supplies Needed:

Scanner or phone for taking photo of watercolor

Basic watercolor supplies (brush, paper, some sort of watercolor paint)

Adobe Illustrator

Photoshop (for bonus lesson)

Bonus Materials Include:

Adobe Illustrator Quick Command (reference sheet)

Practice Watercolor Scan

Practice Watercolor Elements (AI file)

Tote Bag Mockup (PSD file)

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Why use Adobe Illustrator for pattern design? Although there are lots of ways to create patterns and designs, Adobe Illustrator is an industry standard because of how vectorizing allows for easy scalability. This is important when creating patterns for products in a whole variety of markets.

Why do we vectorize our watercolors? Vectorizing means that they are turning from raster based to vector based. The benefit of this process is that your patterns will be infinitely scalable without losing quality or becoming pixelated which can happen with raster based elements.

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