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Dream Goals Planner - Free Download

Hi friends. If you are finding yourself in a place of reflection or wanting to plan out and get busy with your dreams and goals then I have the perfect free planner sheet for you!

I call it the Dream Goals Planner, and it's totally free!

Bonus. There is no set timeline, it's meant to be a self reflection of your biggest 1- 2 goals with a section to write out a few of your other small goals, medium goals, and big goals.

And it's not a planner sheet without a plan! There is a "Next 3 Steps" section to get you moving and grooving.

There is just something so magical about writing your dreams down on paper, planning actionable steps, and believing that you will make it happen!

A little back story about how much I believe in writing your dreams into existence. A few years ago I was sitting in my little office in Utah, I was a part time ESL teacher with an iPad just dreaming of one day getting my work in front of agents, art directors, and publishers.

I wanted to be a professional illustrator but I was overwhelmed with so many ideas and so many directions of where I could take my art.

Sometimes when the list is so big in our head, we barely move forward on one project because we have our toes dipped into 20.

And it's a wonderful thing to have passion for many things. But what helped me the most was listing out my BIG humongous main goal. Which was becoming a children's book illustrator. Then I listed a few small, medium, and big goals that were important to me (keeping my other goals on hold for now but not forever).

I also displayed my "Dream Goals" on the wall in front of my desk, so that every day I saw what I was reaching for.

In years to follow, I built up my portfolio, submitted to agencies, got represented by my dream agency, and just this past April my first illustrated book came out!

Planning my goal sheet with 1-2 big main goals, and 5-6 other actionable goals helped me sort out the big mess in my head. And although I still have lots of goals that aren't on my planner sheet right now, I know that they still can be one day.

Once I keep planning and checking off goals, I can come back around in a few months, self reflect and see what new goals I can add to the list and what goals I might not want to pursue anymore. Plus you can check your planner and see what goals you have achieved and that is an AMAZING feeling.

So let's have a wonderful halfway point of the year and self reflect on so many wonderful Art, Career, Life, and Dream goals!

Download your free 8.5 inch by 11 inch "Dream Goal Planner" here:

Dream Goals Planner
Download PDF • 1.08MB

P.S. don't forget to add some sort of positive affirmation to your sheet, a mantra of sorts.

A simple sweet one to use is " My goals and dreams are important and they will come true."

Happy creating!



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