How to Paint A Night Sky in Procreate - Free Star Scatter Brush! Free Color Palette!

For a long time I have been wanting to develop procreate brushes that can be used in my tutorials as well as in any future illustrations that viewers create and I have finally launched my first free procreate brush as well as a tutorial on how to use it! Low and behold today's newest YouTube tutorial on my channel. "How to Paint a Night Sky in Procreate" which includes a few freebies that are linked in this very blog post!

So how exactly do you paint a night sky? And what are these freebies you keep mentioning?!

Well I have created a very simple night sky tutorial on my YouTube channel that you can watch for free to find out exactly how to create the night sky image above! You'll see all of my tips and tricks and "happy accidents" in under ten minutes to create your own very lovely work of art!

All you need is the procreate app, a few free brushes already in the procreate brush library and my freebies to get started!

So let's get into those freebies:

I have developed a very simple "Star Scatter Brush" that you can download, unzip and then export into your Procreate app. Once it is in there you can use it freely for this tutorial or any other project you want. I only ask that you do not sell this brush or distribute it as your own.

I have also included a download for the color palette I use in the tutorial so you can get a very similar colored night sky. But it's totally okay if your night sky does not look exactly alike. The brushes used in this tutorial make it so that every sky painted will have similar but unique qualities that make your night sky uniquely your own!


Download ZIP • 172KB

Download ZIP • 5KB

Not only can you have yourself your very own night sky painting, but you can also join in with my instagram community and share with others what you have created. Tag me @sandralynneide in your final artwork and use the hashtag #sandreidetutorials so you can see what others have created and share your finished piece!

I am so excited to continue this art journey by creating my tutorials for everyone! Stay tuned for more tutorials!